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Information Technology has added a new dimension to medical science. Distance is no longer a barrier. The system of Telemedicine is ideally suited for referral purpose where the patient need not visit the hospital physically to consult a super-specialist. down town hospital is a multi specialty hospital and thus can provide all kinds of treatment under one roof. 
The use of Telemedicine in health care is facilitating our dream of reaching out to the people in far off places who need specialty consultation, but is prevented by the distance factor. Sitting in Nowgaon, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Pathsala, Bongaigaon etc. one can consult super specialists in down town hospital here through the Telemedicine system. 
The benefits of Telemedicine are many but specifically, some of the important benefits to the patient are:
Considerable saving of patient’s time and money as the patient need not travel to our hospital for a consultation. 
Patient satisfaction preserved with one to one talk with doctor through video conferencing.
Patient’s data can be transferred electronically thus reaching the doctor instantly.
Monitoring the progress of a patient becomes easier in post major procedures without having to travel to the specialist doctor’s location.
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