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Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Anaesthesia & Critical Care


down town hospital have a well-equipped anesthesiology department with 7 experienced anesthetists. Each of these specialists is trained in different super specialties like Neuro-Anaesthesiology, cardio-Anaesthesiology and trauma & Critical Care.

The department is involved in areas of high criticality where mortality rate is very high be it the Accident 7 Trauma unit or the Intensive care Unit (ICU). The success rate of this department is very high and is comparable to the best available in the country.

The facility of the department includes sophisticated ventilators, Multi Channel Monitors, Neuro muscular Block Assessment Monitors, Syringe Pumps apart from the normal equipments available within the OT complex.

The department of Anaesthesiology at down town hospital is responsible for the functioning of the operation Theater Complex, The ICU/ICCU and Neo-Natal ICU complex and to certain extent the Accident and Emergency Center.

Critical Care Unit:

For critically ill patients, down town hospital has a fully equipped ICU (Intensive Care Unit), an ICCU (Intensive Cardiac Care Unit), a Intermediary ICU and a Neo-Natal unit with central monitors, ventilators and round the clock supervision by trained doctors, anesthetists and special nurses.

ICU/ICCU/Intermediary ICU:

The hospital has a centrally air-conditioned 28-bedded ICU/ICCU/IntermediaryICU(Room.No.317). The various equipments are:

  • Multi channel invasive and non- invasive monitors,
  • Bed side cardiac monitors,
  • Central monitoring system,
  • Ventilators with central pipe line system for gas and suction.

The ICU and ICCU is manned by well-experienced nursing staff with the nurse patient ratio of 1:1 under the supervision of Anesthesiologist round the clock and supported by all other specialists.


Intermediary ICU:

This unit is equipped with multi channel invasive and non-invasive monitors, Ventilators & well-experienced nursing staff and doctor round the clock.

The nurses of ICU, ICCU and intermediary ICU are sent for special training to various reputed hospitals in different parts of the country and abroad, for up-gradation and updating of knowledge and skill sets required for this critical care management of these units.

Neo-Natal ICU:

The hospital has a Neo-Natal ICU for intensive care of new born babies. The unit is fully equipped and manned by experienced paediatricians and trained nurses.

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