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 down town Stone Clinic


down town Advance Urology Laser And Laparoscopy Centre

Urinary Stone Disease is a common occurance  with a lifetime prevalence estimated at 1-15 % which varies according to age,  gender, race and geographic location  and is increasing gradually. Higher prevalence of stone disease is found in hot and dry areas like mountains, desert and tropical countries. Most Kidney Stones are small enough to pass through the urinary tract on their own and surgical treatment isn't always required. Large stones, stones that become lodged in the urinary tract, those that cause complications such as pain ,affect the kidney function, bleeding, or those associated with infection may need to be surgically removed. Revolution of minimally invasive management of stone disease in the past 3 decades have greatly facilitated the ease at which stones are removed. Although surgical management either conventional and minimally invasive succeds in removal of the offending stone they do little to alter the course of the disease. . Up to fifty percent of patients will have recurrent stone disease within 5 years of  treatment.


We at down town advance urology laser and laparoscopic centre set up a down town stone clinic offering all the minimally invasive treatment option for renal stone management  including PCNL, laparoscopy, URSL and RIRS regularly and also organizing awareness camp in different part of Assam and neighboring states in last one and half years. Free leaflet are provided at our centre to all the stone patients written in different  languages with photograph of the recommended and restricted diet for prevention of stone recurrence.

Why choose down town Stone Clinic  for Kidney Stones :

Experience and expertise. down town stone clinic   provide best approach in the treatment and prevention of kidney stones by expert urologist specially trained in advanced minimally invasive urology

Team approach. At down town stone clinic specialists from several areas work as a team to diagnose and treat your kidney stone disease.  Urologist works closely with doctors in nephrology and radiology to ensure that patients receive the most comprehensive care possible.

Latest diagnostic tests. Down town stone clinic has the expertise and technology to effectively diagnose all types of kidney stones., X-Ray, IVP, CT-urography facilities are easily available and are performed by expert radiologist in collaboration with urologist and nephrologist.


Advanced treatments : down town Stone Clinic uses the latest technology to treat kidney stones, including minimally invasive techniques performed using small incisions or natural openings.  Urologists at our centre have extensive experience in performing percutaneous nephrolithotomy also called PCNL — a surgical procedure to remove large kidney stones by making a small keyhole in the back . Recently we are doing tubeless PCNL selectively which is first of kind in this region of the country URSL, PUCL are endoscopic method done through natural opening without any incision to remove stones from the ureter and  urinary bladder respectively


LASER facilities are also available: down town stone clinic is proud owner of holmium laser and flexible ureteroscope to remove ureteric and small renal stone through the urethra, called RIRS.

Laparoscopic urterolithotomy for removal of ureteric stone done in cases of large and impacted ureteric stones.

Achievement of down town Stone Clinic

In last 2 years we performed substantial number of advanced minimally invasive procedures for urinary stone disease. Here are few of those

PCNL                                                                                                                       300

TUBELESS PCNL                                                                                                    80

RIRS                                                                                                                            90

URSL(DAY CARE)                                                                                                  125

LAPAROSCOPIC  URETEROLITHOTOMY                                                          45

Fully Digitalised Touch Screen Electro hydrolic Lithotriptor (ESWL)    50

For details please contact : Reception (Bldg. III) 



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