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Allergy and Asthma Clinics

Allergy and Asthma are quite common in children. Recent studies have shown that approximately 30% of the population of our country suffers from Allergy and asthma and in majority of the cases it starts in childhood. Incidence of allergy and asthma are increasing in the North Eastern Region owing to increase in pollution and humidity. Childhood allergy and asthma can lead to debility of a child thus hampering future development and growth. Early diagnosis and proper management can prevent such complications and help a child to lead a normal life.

This clinic is set up with the aim to overcome the chronic ailments and it consists of a team of Pediatricians, ENT Specialists, Dermatologists and Physiotherapists.

The clinic is supported by diagnostic facilities in the Radiology and Imaging Department, Haematology and Pathology Department and Pulmonary Function Test.


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