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The ENT department is equipped with operating Microscope with CCTV, latest functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and hammer, cutting and sucker. This department also provides diagnostic and Rehabilitation in Speech and Audiology.

Diagnostic Facilities:

a) Pure tone audiometry with SISI, Tone Decay and recruitment.
b) Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (Madson Double Scan) for detecting hearing impairment in premature babies, new born, high-risk babies, difficult to tests children, suspected cases of Brainstem Tumours and Malingerer.
c) Microsurgery for hearing restoration.
d) Impedance audiometry
e) Electronystagmography
f) Hearing Aid assessment and dispensing.

down town hospital has the permission from IMC for DNB Course in ENT.


Impedance Audio

Surgical Procedures:

a)Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
b)Tonsillectomy using laser and harmonic scalpel
c)Mastoid Exploration
e)Tympanoplasty with prosthes
f)Rhinoplasty including cosmetic
g)Laser Turbinectomy
h)Adenoidectomy including myringotomy and grommet
h)Fiber Optic Bronchoscopy/Laryngoscopy/Videoendoscopy


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