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Economy Health Check up
Certain myths although tries to make it evident that cost of services by corporate hospitals are high and is a major constraint, the Economy Health Check-up by down town hospital proves this wrong. This package is specially designed to meet health care needs at minimum possible costs providing the basic required investigations to interpret the health status. This has been proceed in such a way that even College goers could afford a yearly health check-up.
Laboratory Investigations:
1. Blood Routine Examination.
     § Total Count
     § Differential Leucocyte Count
     § Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
     § Hemoglobin %
2. Serum Triglycerides
3. Serum Cholesterol
4. Blood Sugar FBS/RBS
5. Serum Glutamate Pyruvate Tran peptidase
6. Serum Glutamate Pyruvate Tran peptidase
7. Urine Routine Investigation
8. Uric Acid
Cardiac Laboratory:
Chest X-Ray
Physical Examination & General
Consultation by Specialist of Medicine.
Complementary Breakfast
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