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Executive Health Check up 
Civilization has taught man, the science to satisfy his basic needs. Down the ages when all-round development by men took giant strides, unwanted intoxications caught up at his common habit. Studies show, this generation is more prone to suffering from Liver problems. The Executive Health Check-up is a total Health Check-up package with routine investigations holding a special emphasis on Liver Function Tests and Lipid Profile investigations.
Laboratory Investigations:
1. Blood Routine Examination
     § Total Count
     § Different Leucocyte Count
     § Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
     § Hemoglobin%
2. Lipid Profile
     § Serum triglycerides
     § Serum Cholesterol
     § HDL
     § LDL
3. Liver Function Test
     § Serum Glutamate Pyruvate Transpeptidase
     § Serum Glutamate Oxalo Transpeptidase
     § Bilirubin
     § Alkaline Phosphatase
4. Blood Sugar
     § FBS
     § PPBS
5. Uric Acid
6. Creatinine
Cardiac Laboratory:
Chest X-Ray
Ultrasonography Screening Whole Abdomen
Physical Examination & General Consultation by Specialist of Medicine.
Complementary Breakfast
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