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Week End Health Checkup

Week-end Master Health Check Up
A busy executive or a tight scheduled businessman may devote some time to look after the maintenance of hi car, electrical gadgets, etc. but it is his health that keeps waiting a check-up. A day saved at the end with family members. What if you have the same fun here with us and a Health check-up too?
down town hospital, to fill this gap came up with it’s exclusive Week-End Master Health Check-Up. The person wishing to get his health check-up done will be given an enjoyable weekend stay with his/her spouse & two children below twelve, in deluxe suites offering free dinner and stay. This includes a complete health check-up with Cardiac Profile, Lipid Profile, Renal Profile, Liver Function test, etc. with consultation of the Eye, General Surgery, Medicine & Cardiology by specialists of respective departments.
Laboratory investigations
1. Blood routine examination
     § Total Count
     § Different Leucocyte count
     § Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
     § Haemoglobin %
2. Blood Group
     § ABO
     § Rh
3. Lipid Profile
     § Serum Triglycerides
     § Serum Cholesterol
     § LDL
     § HDL
4. Blood Sugar
     § Fasting Blood Sugar
     § PP blood Sugar
5. Liver Function Test
     § SGPT
     § SGOT
     § Alkaline Phosphatese
     § Bilirubin
6. Urine Routine Investigation
7. Uric Acid
8. Urea
9. Creatinine
10. Total Protein
     § Albumin
     § Globulin
11. Prothombin Time
12. Platelet Count
13. BT/CT
Auto Refractometer Test
Diet Counseling
Cardiac Laboratory 
     § E.C.G
     § Computerised Stress Test
     § Echocardiography
     § Chest X-Ray
     § Ultrasonography Whole Abdomen
     1. Physical Examination and General consultation by Medicine Specialist
     2. Cardiology Consultation
     3. Ophthalmology Consultation
     4. General Surgery Consultation
Free stay for one night for a couple and two children below twelve years in our Deluxe Suites. Complementary dinner and breakfast for the whole family.
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