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Aesthetic Clinics

Aesthetic Clinics

The aesthetic clinic of down town hospital consists of specialist dermatologist and well-equipped instruments. This clinic is concerned with aging skin problem. As aging is a continuously on going dynamic process, which is genetically controlled and inevitable. Senescence of the skin particularly that of the face is a result of various factors that may be intrinsic or extrinsic. These extrinsic factors such as UV radiation, temperature variations, wind, humidity, chemical pollutants and irritants, depleted ozone layer, poor nutrition, physical and mental stress and smoking are important both from the view of premature aging as well as its therapy.

This clinic has the following surgical therapy- 
A. Chemical peeling (glycolic or TCA) 
B. Laser
C. Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy
D. Dermabasion
E. Dermal fillers
F. Facelifts 
G. Blapheroplasty

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