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Epilepsy Clinics

This clinic was formally inaugurated on 19th March 2005. Prevalence of Epilepsy is 40-80 per 1000 population. This huge group of patients causes social and economic burden for the society. It is a social stigma. Only 65% of the patient seeks medical attention due to poor referral system, ignorance of the patients and socio-economic status of the patients. Hence, there is a need for a comprehensive total care of these patients under one roof not only to control seizure but also for their psycho-social rehabilitation. So, down town hospital have started a humble and dedicated effort to establish an "Epilepsy Clinic" for these unfortunate patients for complete medical management and psycho-social rehabilitation. The team of this clinic also endeavors continuously to upgrade the knowledge of primary care physicians on epilepsy, to develop a bondage between primary care physicians and tertiary care referral center, to increase the awareness of this problem and finally to remove the prejudice in the society.
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