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Vertigo Clinics

This clinic was set up for vertigo (dizziness) afflicted patients. Any sensation of imbalance is known as “vertigo”. Vertigo can be physiological or pathological. Physiological vertigo needs assurance to the patient. Pathological vertigo should be investigated to diagnose the underlying cause so as to institute appropriate treatment. Any disorders affecting the balance organ in the inner ear and its central connections can cause Vertigo. Vertigo can be due to disease of the ear, cervical spondylosis, ocular pathology, heart diseases, anaemia, brain tumour, post head injury, drug induced, etc.
Clinical assessment of vertigo is done by specialist doctors and necessary investigations are carried on in our clinic.
Investigation tools available for vertiginous patients in our clinic are 
• Blood investigations
• Pure tone audiometry
• Impedence audiometry
• Electronystagmography
• Brainstem evoked response audiometry
• X-ray cervical spine and colour Doppler
• Study 
• CT scan of brain
The Vertigo Clinic has personnel from different disciplines – ENT consultants, neuro-surgeons, orthopaedic and medicine consultants, ophthalmologists and physiotherapists.
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