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NeurosurgeryThe down town neuro center serves the entire NE Region by providing treatment for entire range of the brain and spinal disorders by a group of experienced Neuro Surgeons and Neurologists.

down town Neuro Center is running an effective emergency service round the clock with highly experienced personnel and with the facilities of Neuro intensive Care Unit equipped with invasive and non-invasive monitoring system with all life support arrangement (critical care service with latest ventilator and with a Nurse to Patient ratio of 1:1.This center is also setting up a dedicated head injury unit, which is the first of its kind in NE Region supported by multidisciplinary medical and surgical team.

Surgical Procedure:

a) Aneurysm clipping
b) Transphenoidal – micro endoscopic surgery for pituitary tumours
c) Endoscopic ventriculostomy for hydrocephalus
d) Cervical corpectomy and fusion with spinal implantation
e) Lumber microdiscectomy for disk prolapse.
f) Anterolateral decompression and fusion for thoracic and lumber vertebral disease.
g) VSP plate and screw fusion for lumber spondylolisthesis.
h) Thoracic ganglionectomy’s for upper limb sympathectomy.
i) Routine Craniotomy for Brain Tumour.
j) Lumber and Cervical Discectomy.

Cases done till date : Neuro Surgery (since 1995): 2500

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