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Oncosurgery is a relatively new branch of surgery, related to various surgeries of cancer patients. The surgeon is known as Oncosurgeon , who has to undergo three years of super specialization training (only in few selected centers in India) after doing masters degree.

Oncosurgery plays the role in most of the cancer treatment and now days with advancement in the equipment, knowledge and expertise most of the cancer can be cured if diagnosed early and treated by properly trained personal. Now no longer it is said as “Cancer no answer”.

In cancer treatment “First chance is the best chance” so it is very important to get treated by a properly trained personnel in a proper institute for better result.

Medical oncology and radiation Oncology are the two branches related to cancer therapy, which is also important to treat various cancer patients along with Oncosurgery. In some cancer Chemotherapy or radiotherapy is the choice of treatment like blood cancer or some advanced stage of IV cancer.

Take home message:-Cancer can be cured, if diagnosed early and treated by properly trained personnel at the first time.

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