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down town Haematuria Clinic

 down town Haematuria Clinic 



down town Advance Urology Laser And Laparoscopy Centre


Haematuria is a common urological symptom of presence of blood in urine. Causes of haematuria are many e.g. Infection, Stone disease, Trauma, Tumour and Medical Renal disease. But in the patient of above fifty years of age when haematuria is not associated with pain and who is a smoker the diagnosis comes to be a urological cancer more often than not. Proper investigation of this kind of patients leads to prompt diagnosis and detection of cancer in early curable stage. Most of the time case of haematuria is taken lightly and symptomatically treated and diagnosed late or referred at a later stage when more radical treatment is needed or curative treatment not possible at all. To overcome these issues a special one stop haematuria clinic was set up in down town hospital under down town Advance Urology Laser and Laparoscopy Centre.


At our haematuria clinic basic investigation and cystoscopic procedures are done in the same day to establish the diagnosis of haematuria which cut down the treatment cost and patient inconvenience.  Our dedicated and prompt urology teamwork also helps in early diagnosis and timely intervention.


Minimally invasive treatment for bladder cancer (TURBT), prostatic enlargement (TURP) are regularly done, sometime on day care basis. Radical treatment of kidney tumor  and urinary bladder cancer are done laparoscopically by expert at reasonable cost.


Those patient harboring medical renal disease are treated by senior nephrologist at our clinic.

Patient of haematuria having stone disease are offered minimally invasive treatment in our down town Stone Clinic and are supplied with free leaflet having dietary advise for prevention of stone recurrence.


We are fortunate to have timely guidance and input  from our esteemed teacher and urologist  Dr. Bhupendra Dev Sarmah from UK who visit our centre from time to time and  enrich our centre with his valuable experience and advise.


DIRECTOR     :   Dr. Ramen Kr. Baishya, MS, DNB(Uro)

ADVISOR AND VISITING CONSULTANT  : Dr. Bhupendra Dev Sarmah, Birmingham, UK

For details please contact : Reception (Bldg. III) 



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